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Welcome to the new page of the ase-philippines ...

The world has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed. MAHATMA GANDHI

Education is the only possession, nobody can take away from you.

Philippine saying

Education is the basic aspect of our work.

School - Job Training - Job

Public schools in the Philippines don't have an adequate budget to ensure a valid education. Private schools , mostly schools run by the cath. church, cost money. This is in most families not available...a bad situation!

Schools value the students will wear school uniforms. Those expenses have to be shoulderd by the parents, like schoolbooks and writing materials. The way to elmentary and high schools, mostly in the provinces, is far. Kilometers to walk, crossing rivers, in some places they have to swim, by torching heat and heavy tropical rainshowers and thunderstorms. To use the jeepneys or motorbikes with sidecars is a daily financial burden even when it costs only a few Pesos. Studying and going to school has a very high     significance within the population of the Philippines. Children WANT to go to school and teachers are highly respected not like often seen in European countries.
Here begins our help...

We want to secure reasonable facilities for public schools, so the poorest of the population have a possibility to education. Like in one of our projects, 60 students have to share 1 computer and 30 students have to share one schoolbook...

We want for families with small income (most families have to live an less then a Dollar every day) to secure the daily fare to and from school, allowance for food when in school, the expenses for the schooluniform as well as the tuition fees.

By all efforts, we will encounter health problems with the students. Most families don't have any health insurance. Dengue fever is a big problem and is spreading. Small injuries can put whole families in turmoil even when in public hospitals the treatment is for free, the medicines have to be bought by the patients and if luck runs out there are the burial expenses.

Here we help so good as possible and facilitate hospitalization and/or importante operations of the students.

But we also need help - your help - your donations ... so that our work continues to bear fruit.


... the little girl will never learn anything about cornets, and certainly nothing about their possible content.

Holger distributed rice to the poor ...