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What we do....

Our work in crisis areas in disasters
Our work in the daily lives of Pinoys

Whether-NEW-fishing nets for the basic needs of families ...

Food, drinking water for disaster victims ..

Supply of rice and canned food for the poorest ...

... the much-needed examination in the hospital at one of Trisomie21 (down syndrome) ill child ...

... the OP was a girl born without the esophagus ...

or even the "smallest-supply" of toys ...


We strive on many levels to improve the situation.

The fishing nets ... of Boljoon ...

... The required payment made on account of Airest, our volunteer assistant in Cebu,

Holger then the rest was paid with donations at collection site. Now they can finally fishing again.

The future looks bleak, however, already made​​, the major high-tech fishing fleets from Europe and Japan fishing slowly empty the Philippine waters. Philippine fishermen often come home with empty nets. The larger fishing boats can not do that often times more cost for the diesel.