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Housing complex for residential care home General remarks

The idea is not so new.

There are already residential care home complexes, especially for European Senior citizens from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Thailand has already some residential care home complexes. However, in Thailand is the language barrier much higher because the task to learn Thai is not an easy one.

The Philippines have the big advantage that mostly all Pinoys speak english. English is also one of the official languages in the Philippines and often also common language in TV, news and print media.

Notably are the friendly and cheerful manners of Pinoys to make live for older people highly pleasant. The climate is most beneficial for age-related ailments and has positiv effects on the general state of health.

Training of nurses and caregivers is substantiated - the training takes time and costs money and this is a garant for a good performance. Physicians often study abroad in the USA or Europe.

The concept

The concept for the care giving is on a 24/7 basis.  The personnel-key will be on a 1:1 ratio, for one care recipient one caregiver at any given time - therefore 3 within a 24 hours period. Or 1:3 at night.

A physician will be available and a hospital is nearby. Pharmaceuticals are not included. Medicines can be purchased normally to relatively reasonably prices in one of the pharmacies here. For this, there is an escort service available and can also be used for little errands and shopping tours.


Accommodation will be in bungalows characteristic for the country with own toilet, bath/shower, furnished with prevalent Rattan and Bamboo furnitures. Deliberately there will be no use of airconditioning units but ceiling fans will to make sure for a pleasant aircirculation. A roofed patio belongs to each accommodation unit. Access to the accommodation units and bathrooms will of course be accessible by wheelchairs. The same applies to the common rooms and swimming pool. Laundry service will be available.

Full board will be provided from own kitchen and can be responsive to the european taste. Fruits, vegetables and meats will be purchased from local farmers and fish used will be freshly caught.

The facility

To the facility belongs a swimmingpool.

A common room for board games, reading and conversation.

A kiosk (in the local language called "sari-sari"-store) for basic purchases will be open at convenient times of the day.

A coffee shop also used as dining room.

A treatment room for minor ailments.

All sorrounded by a tropical garden with palmtrees and flowers.